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For over 10 years we are doing everything we can to change the visit of a beauty salon to a true experience. Forget about lengthy ordering, booking appointments or traveling from place to place due to different beauty procedures. XOXO team of professionals will take care of your appearance from head to toe in an environment from which you will not want to leave.

  • "Xoxo is a magical place where you can fully rest your mind and get pampered in a beautiful environment. I can not wait to visit Xoxo Body & Mind again. "Jeanette Borhyová
  • "Xoxo is a place cut straight out of a women's magazine. I personally am a big fan of their superior hair care Fuente and professional team. I certainly recommend XOXO for the "full service" care of the whole body, they will pamper you from head to toe. An ideal place for a relaxing weekend with a friend. Xoxo Romi "Romi Klimeková
  • "I became a fan of Xoxo salon thanks to their multifunctional booths, where I can enjoy all the procedures in privacy and get my hair and manicure done at the same time. So if you belong to women who do not have time to spend a few hours in a salon, I recommend to visit XOXO. "Barbora Franeková


Invite a group of girlfriends to a luxury lounge in XOXO Cubicon, and let yourself get pampered by treatments of your choice.

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It has been said that women can do more things simultaneously. Our customers can enjoy more treatments at once.

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