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Body shape care

In our salon we offer services to help you reduce fat, sculpt your body or to remove cellulite and all this quickly, conveniently and comfortably.

Anti-cellulite body wrap

Special wrap against cellulite and stretch marks Body Strategist is intensive anti-cellulite treatment with a lipolytic effect that in the form of mud wraps or bandages smoothes cellulite, helps with drainage, skin nourishment, anti-aging.

LPG Vacuum subcutaneous massage

This is a special massage that with the help of a vacuum wave makes your lymph flow, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens muscles. It is aimed at shaping, slimming, firming, anti-cellulite, lifting buttocks and abdomen.

Body Mesotransduction

Body Mesotransduction Meso-T8 can solve many beauty errors. This innovation in the field of body care, will strengthen your decollete, slow down the hair growth or help to create your dream figure.

Body shape care

Body shape care

Body Strategist treatments 84 €
LPG Vacuum subcutaneous massage 42 €
Body Mesotransduction 79 €