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Massage and Body treatments

XOXO BODY&MIND introduces exclusive massage rituals where precious fragrances and delicate textures are combined with unique natural ingredients and energy of human touch. All this provides a rare experience of deep calmness in harmony with holistic approach. Smell our ritual oils and see yourself which one suits you best at the moment! Lastly we only reveal that you may enjoy fragrance of orange blossom, cedar, ylang ylang, bergamot, geranium or liquorice and many others...


Main aromatic essentials


Tranquillity – orange blossom and cedar wood – allow deep relaxation, moisturise and provide the feeling of security.

Joy – bergamot, ylang, geranium, liquorice, lemon, tangerine, jasmine, Roman chamomile, palmarosa, and rose – refresh and revive your spirit and mind, bring joy back to your heart.

Peace&Calming – ylang, tangerine peel, patchouli oil, orange, black spruce, bergamot, cassia (cinnamon) and danava – brings strong relaxation and feeling of peace and calmness.


50 min.

Body rituals

Herbal – whole-body massage ritual with the touch of herbal cushions scented with calming mixture of mint and eucalypt relaxes stiff muscles and clears your mind. Perfection of herbal ritual combined with foot peeling.


Warming – whole-body Earth-connecting cinnamon massage ritual with hot stones nurtures and lets your body rest, relaxes muscles, brings peace and safety to your soul.


90 min.

Ritual massages with peeling

Sweet Ocean Peel – whole-body massage ritual with unique volcanic peeling brightens your skin, removes old skin, improves elasticity and relaxes your muscles.


Bounty Touch Peel – whole-body massage ritual with fascinating combination of Tahitian fragrances and combination of BIO coconut oil with BIO coconut peeling with a sweet treat at the end of the relaxing massage. It gives you profound cleansing effect and leaves your skin velvety smooth.


90 min.

Malinna anti-oxidant massage

Back and feet massage is based on peeling and subsequent use of natural herbal essences, oils and modified salts from Malinna series to flush out toxins from the back area. The following massage ensures relaxation of muscles and spasms, lavender brings the atmosphere of calmness and rest to enable a deep relaxation of the body and mind during the final massage.

Remodelling and drainage body treatment

Body strategist nutritionel

  • Treatment with body mask with Bio Tamanu oil improves skin elasticity and protects skin against stretch marks. It also contains areca nut extract with antioxidant effect.
  • The treatment also remineralizes, nourishes and revitalizes your skin.


Body strategist cellulite algae

  • Treatment with intensive stimulating effect strengthens body contours and is therefore mainly used for cellulite.
  • Alginate mask with strengthening effect contains algae, moisturizes and tones your skin. Laminaria (brown algae) has slimming effect. 


50 min.

Remodelling and drainage body treatment

Body strategist remodeler

  • Treatment with slimming and hyperaemic effect designed for advanced cellulite.
  • Unicellular algae burn fats, pure caffeine and carnitine fights against fat accumulation, kelp has remodelling and slimming effects and Aescin stimulates and improves microcirculation.


Recourse relieving

  • Intensive treatment with a bandage on swollen cellulite parts and orange peel skin for the first and second stage of cellulite.
  • Lemon, orange and mint essential oils help remove toxins and improve appearance of orange peel skin. Extract from ivy improves blood circulation and eliminates swelling in legs and feet. In case of heavy legs feeling, mint provides immediate refresh and ensures instant feeling of easiness.

50 min.

Spray tanning SPEED BRONZER

If you prefer tanned skin without UV-radiation, spray tanning SPEED Bronzer is an ideal solution for you. Spray bronzer is attracted to the skin like a magnet and it is absorbed immediately. Do not waste your time in tanning salons when you can get beautiful tanned skin immediately and shine at the prom, wedding or corporate party.

Forming massages

Lose weight quickly and visibly with Extreme Slim Wrap, where the herbal extracts are targeting the subcutaneous fat cells. Shaping the body, firming the skin, lifting the abdomen, forming rear side, or reducing cellulite – LPG lipomassage will help in these areas.

Who'll be taking care of you

Cosmetician / Manicure / Pedicure / Massage
Massage / Pedicure / Manicure
Cosmetician / Manicure/ Massage



Tranquillity/Joy/Peace&Calming 78 €
Body rituals Herbal and Warming 117 €
Sweet Ocean Peel 117 €
Bounty touch peel 117 €
Malinna anti-oxidant massage 86 €
Body strategist nutritionel 84 €
Body strategist cellulite algae 84 €
Body strategist remodeler 84 €
Recourse relieving 84 €
Reflex foot massage 32 €
Intensive 30 min. back massage 32 €
Lympho massage - legs 48 €

Spray tanning

Spray tanning

Spray tanning SPEED BRONZER® 41 €