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Cosmetician / Manicure/ Massage
Cosmetician / Manicure / Pedicure / Massage
Senior Hairstylist
Manicure / Pedicure
Senior Hairstylist / Pedicure / Manicure
Massage / Pedicure / Manicure
Cosmetician / Manicure
Senior Hairstylist
Cosmetician / Manicure / Pedicure
Lukáš Leo
Cosmetic / Make-up
Massage / Cosmetician / Pedicure
Manager Xoxo Body & Mind
Cosmetician / Pedicure

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Transforming Ivana: Sensual and seductive mom!

Ms. Ivanka from Brezno is a decent lady. According to her daughter Veronika, who signed her up for a makeover, Ivanka was always afraid to change her hairstyle and she would always choose only serious and severe outfits. Yet it is an elegant woman with rich hair and a sensually seductive eyes!

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Danka’s Makeover: Her husband didn’t recognise her.

Ms Dana came to Bratislava from Ilava. She did not come alone, but with her husband and daughter Simona, who was watching the whole transformation closely. She was the one who signed up her mother in the competition. Ms Dana was full of energy and expectations, and so we did not hesitate and got to work.

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Transforming Erika: We have discovered a model

Ms. Erika came from Kúty with high expectations. She entrusted herself to Xoxo professionals and had only one condition – not cutting the hair short. This requirement was simply justified "my husband would not like it." Everyone agreed that Ms. Erika is a very nice lady with a beautiful ...

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Maja’s Makeover

Maja works as a shipper. She wanted to change her appearance to look more soft and young.
“I am 23 years old. By looking at a picture of me, you have to think I’m older. This is one of the reasons why I would like to change my visage. There are many girls with simple hairstyle, but that does not suit me. I need an expert who could advise me on style” wrote Maja. Maja who got chosen by our readers from four contestants.

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Stand tall !!!

How much time does an average woman spent on taking care of her feet? There is no accurate statistics, but pedicurists are certain - a little, very little. Often they only get our attention when there is a problem. The basic rule is prevention. Beautiful legs = healthy feet. After all legs are the most basic mean of "transportation".

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Stop heavy eyelids!

You have come home after a hard day with heavy eyelids? You are looking more on the computer screen than on your loved ones? Then it is the perfect time to get a massage done by our special glasses. Thanks to the vibrating projections you will again have a fresh look, it will get rid of unpleasant swelling and it will smoothen your wrinkles.

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Christmas makeover: Attractive mom Milotka

Mrs. Milota from Pezinok became the winner of our Christmas makeover. She did not have to compete thanks to her honest e-mail.

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Hair on vacation

You run the day before the summer holiday to a hairdresser to get your hair dyed? Stop! Stay at home and pack your suitcase. Dyeing your hair before vacation is not a good idea. Also using a hair spray containing alcohol or having your hair in a braid the whole summer is not a good idea. How to survive the holidays without damaging your hair?

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Milena’s Makeover

Mrs. Milena Šimeková almost did not make it to the makeover. She was a little concerned, and did not know what to expect. The reason why we chose her without a vote was quite serious. We wanted to fulfil her dream, her daughter told us about. "My mother is a mature woman, and she has never experienced something like a makeover.

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Ball Makeover: Lucka – the star of the evening

“It's mainly my hair, which is long and I no longer know how to comb it, it's make-up which is the same on various events, and although I love balls, lately I feel stereotyped ..." this is an extract from an application of our Ball Makeover winner. We took it as a challenge and invited Lucka to Bratislava for a pleasant beauty day.

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Makeover: From a girl to an attractive woman

"I need change," announced the lucky winner. The only thing she wanted to avoid was red hair, otherwise she was entirely open and trusted our team of professionals. A pair of handy ladies took her under their wings - hair stylist Kristina Hantáková and beautician Zuzana Košová. What was the result? Read on.

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