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Complexion treatment

XOXO BODY&MIND skincare is a concept with 5 levels of facial care reaching far beyond the limits of ordinary cosmetics. Like all services in XOXO, health, vitality and mental wellbeing define the word BEAUTY.

The correct treatment aims in clean, radiant complexion, reduced signs of ageing, compact complexion unified in colour, similar to baby’s skin. It is difficult to find harmony among extremes in our highly dynamic world, where time is the most precious value. When pure natural cosmetics shows only little results and invasive interventions on the other hand often result in rather comical facial expressions, XOXO BODY&MIND offers punctual protocols on each treatment. We combine the power of herbs and aromatherapy with the power of nanotechnology in products transferring active substances directly into derma.

Comfort Zone is an Italian cosmetic brand developed at top-level laboratories, focused on results, with the respect to holistic approach. Their attitude focuses not only on clients, but also on professionals, who come in contact with active substances on daily basis, as well as animals, ecology and our planet EARTH.

Level 1.

Clean and radiant complexion

Pure&Nourished cleansing and nourishment/


Clean&Heal /problematic complexion cleansing and calming facial treatment/


/fragranced welcoming XOXO ritual, steam facial mask, deep and ultrasound cleansing, nourishment/calming effect, nourishing highly concentrated mask, substantial facial massage, eyebrow trimming, shaping and tinting and daily make-up/

90 min.


Junior treatment /fragranced welcoming XOXO ritual, steam facial mask, deep and ultrasound cleansing for young, immature complexion/

60 min.

Level 2.

Essential Skin Rituals

Essential Skin Rituals /unique combination of scientific knowledge, traditional natural rituals and highly-concentrated products offers an intensive, deep effect makes profound changes to your complexion/


Our therapist would recommend you the most appropriate facial care in order to achieve desired remodelling, lifting or brightening effect. Pores, wrinkles, structural or pigmental inaccuracies are eliminated, which leaves complexion smooth, brightened and its structure is firmed up.

– Moisturizing Hydramemory

– Recovery Touch regeneration

– Remedy calms irritated skin

– Sublime skin lifting

– Double peel

75 min.


Express Essential Skin Ritual

The absence of the massage in Essential Skin ritual is the only difference of the shortened skin ritual for our busy clients.

55 min.

Mezo T8 - mesotransduction /needless mesotherapy!/

By means of electroporation we are able to open water channels located deeply in the skin. Positive and negative poles help us transfer sera into deep skin layers. Results are notable immediately after the first therapy. We offer nourishing and moisturizing sera, as well as sera reducing hyperpigmentation, smoothing mild webby wrinkles, filling deeper wrinkles or slightly improving lip contours and also providing complex rejuvenation of décolletage and neck as well as Stop Contraction serum (Botox-free with Botox effect).


It is possible to create an unique combination of various sera applicable on different body parts and thus achieve wonderful results.

75 min.

Level 3.

Anti-AGE a D-AGE /the most powerful anti-wrinkle facial and whole-body treatment/

/D-AGE whole-body treatment is an ideal solution to prevent occurrence of fragile, dry skin prone to wrinkles and correct already existing problem. Areca nut extract with antioxidant effect deals with stretch marks and Bio Tamanu oil restores skin elasticity. Boswellic acid stimulates fibro plastics and strengthens elastin and collagen fibres. All provided by an exclusive Sublime Skin facial treatment combined with substantial lifting massage, which stimulates, revitalizes skin cells, redefines volume of skin and complexion. A great efficiency is ensured by a double-peeling with vitamin C in two-stage subsequent application of a peeling mask. Such strong combination is highly recommended for mature complexion with pigmentation, wrinkles and obvious loss of volume and tone. As a bonus we offer peeling combined with hand massage, trimming and shaping of hand nails, eyebrow shaping and tinting as well as daily make-up. Feel like a new person!

135 min.

"Beauty&Body” /personalized Essential Skin Ritual, detoxication of waist, legs and hips/

/targeted customized treatment focused on current needs of your complexion. Essential Skin Rituals starts with fragranced Tranquillity ritual. While wearing your mask, we nurture you with a hand massage. Facial massage is included in the intensive body treatment from the series BODY STRATEGIST. This treatment focuses on, waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. It improves cellulite inaccuracies, stimulates lipolysis and drains excess water from tissues. The treatment ends with an eyebrow trimming and shaping as well as daily make-up. /

110 min.

Eyelash permanent curl

Eyelash permanent curls mean curling of eye lashes, which gives them more seductive, attractive look. The eye brightens and opens. Eyelashes remain curled up to 3 months. Perfect eyelashes are necessary for impressive beautiful eyes.


45 min.



We offer hot wax depilation service in the areas of arms, legs, underarms, bikini and upper lip. We can help you get rid of annoying hair, your skin will be softer and you will feel feminine!

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Pure&Nourish / Clean&Heal 150 €
Junior treatment 85 €
Essential skin rituals 125 €
Mezo T8 - mesotransduction 125 €
Express Essential Skin Ritual 115 €
Anti-AGE a D-AGE 225 €
Beauty&Body 190 €


wax depilation from 17 €