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Build your own style that reflects your true beauty and personality. Appearance is what the others see before you get a chance to speak. Your personal style and colors that you wear have effect on how you feel and what you think about yourself. We offer services in the field of personal image. We will help you discover your natural style, adjust your wardrobe and make you shine in all the right colors, so you will feel beautiful and confident.

Personal make-over plan

An hour long personal consultation with Silvia Dragan is the gateway to harmonizing your overall appearance with your lifestyle. The result is a content person whose life philosophy is evident at the first glance. During the consultation, we will build a personal plan of Xoxo procedures and recommended home care in the predetermined time frame to achieve maximum effect. As a support of the right approach in building the new look, we will give you a gift card that you can use for treatments of your choice worth 50 Euros.

Your colors

A detailed analysis of colors will show which specific colors are in harmony with your skin tone, eye color and hair color. Color analysis is basically a necessity at the beginning. Defining the right colors for the client as well as the color gamut, which should be avoided. Wearing the right colors has a dramatic effect on how you look, how you affect people and how you feel.

Your personal style

After determining your colors, there is a possibility to take the next step (possible to perform within one session) that will deal with style. The essence of finding someone’s style is not just to define – what would fit individual clients, but to have a real conversation about what the client likes to wear and whether it is in accordance with their choice of style. It is important for the clients to understand why they look better in something rather than something else, and why they should avoid certain pieces. We are different and it is obvious that adornment of someone’s closet can be a disaster in someone else’s closet . Therefore it is necessary that the clients bring clothes that they wear daily and also the pieces that are in their closets, but they don’t usually go for.

Wardrobe audit or assisted shopping

The next step of style makeover is wardrobe audit. It’s exactly what it sounds like – an insight into the client’s wardrobe. Wardrobe audit of course has no meaning without knowing what your colors are and without deciding what you want to achieve in style. The result should be a wardrobe that is helpful and organised. An addition to this service is personal shopping. Again determining your colors + style and wardrobe audit are necessary before going shopping. Assisted shopping makes no sense without knowing what the client actually needs. Otherwise it is only pointless and tedious running around shops “hoping to find anything”.

Style Coach Pavol Cvik

95% of people have no idea what suits them and what does not. And it shows. Their appearance does not play with them, but against them, “says Paul who got his Style CoachTM certificate at an institute in London. Style Coaching is about finding out how to change an appearance quickly and easily. It’s about achieving an internal “Looking good, feeling good” feeling.  When a person is willing get on the road to change.

These small victories with great effect motivate people to further decisions in life. It is a path of no return. Start with Pavol Cvik by finding out what your colors are and which style suits you the most.

Personal make up school with selected beautician

Skilled hands and advice of our professional beauticians will teach you tricks on how to properly apply make-up, how to take care of your skin before and after applying make-up and how to do day or evening make-up. After practical demonstration of the tricks on yourself you will leave the salon with beautiful make-up. We are offering you Xoxo Visage from well-known professionals like Lenka Šoóšová, Roman Haša, Lucy (Lucia Šenková) and Miroslava Tibenská. They are all experts in their field who not only studied, but mainly thanks to their experience went beyond the conventional concept of a make-up artist.


You need the perfect make-up? Our Make-up artists will not only teach you how to properly apply make-up, but would gladly do your makeup for you. Whether it is a day, evening or wedding make-up, we will make sure you look amazing!

Transformácia vzhľadu

Transformácia vzhľadu

Personal make-over plan 50 €
Personal stylist od 50 €
Your colors 250 €
Your personal style 350 €
Assisted shopping 50 €
Audit closet 180 €
Personal make up school by Lenka Šosová od 240 €


Casual make-up 18 €
Evening make-up 40 €
Wedding make-up 55 €
Little personal make up school 240 €
Great personal make up school 480 €
Make-up by Lenka Šóšová 160 €