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Relax for your body

In a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere you can enjoy one of our massages, accompanied by relaxing music and aromatherapy. We guarantee you relax, muscle relief and restoration of muscle mobility. We offer special massages to take care of your vascular system and restart the blocked recovery forces of your body. All of this you can indulge in the morning, during lunch break or after a hectic day.

Classic massages

Classic relaxing massage will help to alleviate everyday back problems caused by sedentary employment.

Body rituals

Try some of our body rituals such as Tranquility ritual, Aromasoul massage or Volcanic peeling, which are full of aromas, subtle textures and unique natural ingredients.

Spray tanning SPEED BRONZER

If you prefer tanned skin without UV-radiation, spray tanning SPEED Bronzer is an ideal solution for you. Spray bronzer is attracted to the skin like a magnet and it is absorbed immediately. Do not waste your time in tanning salons when you can get beautiful tanned skin immediately and shine at the prom, wedding or corporate party.

Forming massages

Lose weight quickly and visibly with Extreme Slim Wrap, where the herbal extracts are targeting the subcutaneous fat cells. Shaping the body, firming the skin, lifting the abdomen, forming rear side, or reducing cellulite – LPG lipomassage will help in these areas.

Relaxing massages

Relax. In our offer you will find a relaxing massage and reflexology foot massage or your favorite Bounty touch scrub and massage in one. We offer more body treatments such as Comfort Zone Nutritional 60min., Remoduler 90min., Body Strategist Cellulite Algea, Resource Relieving, Resource Remodeling, Detoxifying Mud Therapy, Monticelli SPA mud wrap.

Caring and cleansing massage

Lymph drainage massage will have a positive effect on the lymphatic system of your body, it will accelerate the flow of lymph. Bank massage will speed up the metabolism of skin tissue, it will also improve activity of sweat and sebaceous glands and skin respiration and increase the supply of nutrients to the tissue.



Classic massage 30'/60'/90' 26,50 €/51€/77€
Lymfodrenáž celého tela 72 €
Reflexology foot massage 26 €
Bounty touch peeling and massage 71 €
Sweet ocean peeling and massage 71 €

Body&Mind rituals

Tranquility ritual 75 €
AROMASOUL and vulcanic peeling 80 €
Nefrits beads 75 €

Body&Mind rituals

Spray tanning

Spray tanning

Spray tanning SPEED BRONZER® 41 €